Owner Appreciation Week

It’s a chance to say thank you to Co-op owners during the holidays.  Co-op owners save 10% on a shopping trip December 4-10.  Enjoy food and drink samples each day and meet some of our vendors and producers.  Click here for our calendar.  Note: discount is limited to items in stock at time of purchase and doesn’t stack with case/special order discounts.  Ownership status must be current. 

Beans for Bags

When you shop with a reusable bag you’re helping the planet and community.  Click here to learn more about our incentive program and the current organizations we’re supporting.  Want to apply to become a recipient?  Just fill out an application.

Everyone can shop & everyone can save

We know how important prices are when it comes to groceries, so we’re offering new lower prices in a variety of ways.  Our Fresh Deals flyer offers sales on organic produce, well-sourced meat, dairy, deli and more.  Also keep an eye out for Co+op Deals and everyday low priced Co+op Basics.

Expansion Update – Approved Designation Rights

We’re working diligently to lay the groundwork for building a bigger store and that will eventually mean a big capital campaign.  At a special meeting of owners we got a new set of Designation Rights approved so our Co-op can offer preferred shares as a means for our owners to invest.

Co-op Voted Best Grocery Store!

Coast Weekend’s 2015 Reader’s Choice awards named Astoria Co-op Grocery best grocery store.  Read more here.