Meet Your Farmer Food Demo + Recipe


Farmer Fred Johnson from Fred’s Homegrown Produce in Naselle, Washington hosted the Co-op’s first cooking demonstration of this kind.  Fred is one of the farmers we work with directly to obtain the highest quality local produce around.  For this event, Fred brought his Toscano Kale, and taught about a dozen attendees a new technique for making kale salad.  In this case, Fred “massaged” thinly sliced kale, with salt.  This made the kale start to release some of its liquid, giving way to a softer form of the dark leafy green.  Then with a few additional simple ingredients from the Co-op, the dish was ready to taste.  And boy was everyone happy once it hit their mouths!  But, perhaps the best part of this day was getting to interact with Fred; a master at both cooking and farming, and passionate about local food.

Here’s the recipe for Fred’s Massaged Toscano Kale Salad


Toscano Kale
Extra-virgin olive oil
Fresh Lemon
Sea salt


Clean Toscano, removing stems from leaves. Chop/juilienne finely, and place in a good-sized bowl. Spinkle salt into the chopped kale and ‘massage’ into the kale.  Allow to sit for a few minutes, then squeeze the juice of 1-2 lemons into the mix, & toss.  Add extra virgin olive oil to taste,  minced fresh garlic, and a sprinkle of finely grated Parmesan Cheese.


The Art of Selling Groceries

miki souza

You may have noticed the beautiful changing chalk art adoring our endcaps in the front of the store.  Various artists from around the community have been lending their talents, creating graphical interpretations of the current theme for the products on sale.  Miki Souza designed the above “salad” board.  And Renya Ydstie is to thank for the below “breakfast” board

renya ydstie for web

Jennifer Rasmussen drew this “Spaghetti” board.

jen rasmussen roger mckay

Astoria Artist Roger McKay designed and built our chalkboards and hand-painted the “Co+op Deals, On Sale Now” signs that hang under them.

We are always looking for more creative people willing to lend a hand with our chalkboards as they change to coincide with new sales every two weeks.  If you would like to sign up to do the boards, contact