Learn Yoga Philosophy

Our monthly talk, Beers to Your Health, at Fort George Brewery

The main philosophy of yoga: body, mind, and spirit are one and cannot be separated. There is much more to yoga than the physical postures (asanas), which is the most widely practiced yoga technique in the Western World. In fact there are entire historic philosophies behind these exercises—one of such is called Tantra Yoga, offering meditation, mantra (sound), visualization, lifestyle changes, and other tools that help lead one to enlightenment and ultimately a better self.

Dawn Hanson for Web

Yoga Teacher Dawn Hanson will be giving a talk to help others understand the roots of yoga. Hanson own and operates Sitka Yoga Studio in Astoria. Hanson’s yoga practice began as a haven from a hectic life schedule. She has studied a wide variety of yoga disciplines, with several world-renowned instructors, receiving her formal 500 hour yoga teacher certification from Yandara Yoga Institute.

“Once you know the philosophy, it’s easier to tap into the techniques to be able to enhance or spark your spiritual practice. A spiritual practice, in a yoga context, is about becoming your best/highest Self,” Hanson said.

Hanson says you don’t have to be a yogi to gain from her presentation; it’s for anyone who’s interested in philosophy, history, or finding a greater purpose in life. The timing of this talk is in line with the idea in yoga philosophy that winter to summer solstice is a time for awakening consciousness—becoming aware of how we’re living and progressing in the journey of life.

You can learn about yoga philosophy at Astoria Co-op Grocery’s monthly talk—Beers to Your Health—at the Fort George Brewery Lovell Showroom (located at 14th and Duane in Astoria) on Thursday January 14 at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6 p.m. and food and drink is available from the taproom. The event is free and open to all ages.

Perfect Presents

We like to make gift-giving enjoyable and convenient for you so we’ve brought in some new products with wide-appeal for the holiday season that you can purchase while you grocery shop!

Our favorite gift idea this season:


Co-op Aprons

A Co-op apron hand-carved and block printed locally by Salty Style. This is a great gift for anyone who likes to cook.  And this special edition Co-op apparel is on sale for 10% off!





2016 Calendars (everyone needs one hanging in their kitchen):








Organic Socks

Next up: socks.  But not just any socks.  Socks are sometimes mocked as Christmas gifts, but let’s face it, we all need them, and these are great for gift-giving because they’re special. Maggie’s are super soft and cozy organic cotton and made in the USA.




Local Terrariums

You can’t get more locally-made than this.  These terrariums are crafted by our own Thane Weinandt. When Thane isn’t cashiering at the Co-op, he’s finding and artfully arranging bits of nature in the neatest vessels such as light bulbs!  These are so beautiful.  Hard to even capture the beauty on camera.  Come to the Co-op and see for yourself!




These pretty beeswax candles not only look pretty, but they smell pretty too.  Essential oils aim to bring good things such as rejuvenation, vitality and balance.




FullSizeRender(175)Local Honey

It’s so sweet that bees from as close as Knappa made it!  With many varieties and sizes for you to choose from, this could be an unexpected and pleasant surprise to find in one’s stocking.



Natural Chocolate and Candy

FullSizeRender(184) FullSizeRender(185) FullSizeRender(186)





You don’t have to compromise your standards when it comes to Christmas candy.  We’ve got plenty to choose from that’s naturally flavored, sweetened, and colored.

Astoria Parks & Recreation Talk

Co-op’s Monthly Talk “Beers to Your Health” at Fort George Brewery

Angela, Rosemary & John

The places and programs that Astoria Parks and Recreation manages are as vast and intriguing as the historic city that it’s a part of. “Astoria Parks & Recreation: Past and Future” is the theme for the next Beers to Your Health, Astoria Co-op Grocery’s monthly food and wellness talk at Fort George Brewery. The presenters include Historian John Goodenberger, Former City Planner/Special Projects Manager Rosemary Johnson and Parks and Recreation Director Angela Cosby.

“The parks and recreation department is a vital and essential public service. It improves everyone’s health weather you’re utilizing the pool, taking fitness classes, walking through a park, or even driving by. The presence of greenery and children playing can have significant health impacts for everyone,” Cosby said.

The presenters will describe some of the unique history of local parks. Shively Park is one of the oldest, built in the late 1800’s and then hugely developed for the city’s centennial in 1911 with a zoo, amphitheater, replicas of Fort Astoria and a native American village, botanical gardens, and one of the largest flag poles in the world. Ocean View Cemetery in Warrenton was adopted by Astoria in 1897. Caskets would be floated up river and stored until family members could gather.

Many historic sites in Astoria are parks in order to keep them accessible to the public. A walkway at the foot of 14th Street is where a ferry picked people up to take them across the river before there was a bridge. Parks commemorate sites of the west coast’s first post and customs offices and Fort Astoria.

Some of the most popular places and programs of today’s Parks and Recreation Department include the aquatic center, Fred Lindstrom and Tapiola Parks, and maritime memorial. The city’s Little Sprouts daycare is so popular it has a waiting list. There are also little-known amenities, such as community gardens, the Alderbrook lagoon area, and Alameda Park.
A master planning process to shape the future of Astoria Parks and Recreation is underway. There will be an opportunity to provide feedback on the future of parks at Beers to Your Health. An online survey is also available at www.astoriaparks.com.

“I want folks to come to the event, to learn about park history and then tell us what they want to see in the future. This is a key time for the community to get involved,” Cosby said.

The talk happens on Thursday December 10 at 7 p.m. at the Fort George Lovell Showroom. Doors open at 6 p.m. and food and drinks are available from the Taproom. The event is free and open to all ages.

Dinner with the Chef

By Terry Andrews/Co-op Owner

In early November I got a call from Matt Stanley (Co-op GM) telling me I was the winner of the Co-op’s prize from their equity drive–and the prize was having a chef cook dinner for me and three friends. It was a wonderful surprise–especially because I hadn’t realized there was a potential prize for paying off my membership. But I had told some friends not long before this, I would like to have a chef show up and cook dinner for me. So it was all perfect the way it unfolded.

photo(66)To make things really special, it was chef Marco Davis who showed up bearing two bags of organic food from the co-op. And in what seemed like some effortless magic, he proceeded to prepare a really amazing dinner. I’m not a food writer so I will do my best to describe this.

The appetizer was thin slices of watermelon radish (the radish is an incredible substitute for a cracker) topped with aged Gouda and roasted yellow pepper, and sauteed slices of Bolete mushroom that I found on my walk and he offered to cook.

Next was a beautiful salad of arugula topped with roasted carrots and parsnips and some crumbled Danish blue cheese.

We had a bit of a breather before the main course while Marco put it together, plated it and brought it to the table, and it was beautiful: chicken with yummy chanterelles in a rosemary cream sauce (oh my), peridot green jade pearl rice and brocolini. As one of my dinner guests said, it made her want to sing!

Finally, dessert was a delicious creation of Marco’s called chai cream pie. You can see all the recipes on his Tuesday (Dec. 2) food blog at http://www.astoriarain.com/.

Marco said he was going to leave, and when we got up to hug him goodbye, we noticed he had quietly cleaned the kitchen! All the dishes were washed and put away.
So thank you Marco and the Co-op for creating a wonderful meal and a delightful evening. I’m already thinking about how to make this happen again. It was such a treat to have someone show up, just like I wished, and cook dinner for me. Membership at the Co-op definitely has its rewards!