Wellness Sale

WELLNESS DEPARTMENT SALE – SAVE 20% on vitamins, supplements, bath, body care and more, Thursday January 24 – Sunday January 27. Shoppers, owners, and board members share some of their favorite wellness items, to help illustrate all this vast department has to offer!

Did you know our wellness department sale includes soap? Herb is picking up some of his favorite Dr. Bronner’s. It’s effective, versatile, earth-friendly and you can even refill bottles in bulk.

The sale includes toothpaste. Jessika and Baby Willa are picking up their favorite kind from Desert Essence. It not only tastes great, but it’s made from good stuff like baking soda and essential oils.

The sale includes supplements too. We asked Angela Sidlo for one of her personal favorites. (She should know what’s good because she’s not only a co-op board member, but also has her own business as a health coach.) Angela really likes CALM from Natural Vitality for managing stress.

Due to its popularity, we’re also going to point out that the sale includes CBD, which stands for cannabidiol. This cannabis compound is said to have a host of benefits without making people feel stoned. From relaxation to pain relief, there are lotions, chocolates and many other products to try. Learn more about CBD.

These are just some examples of the awesome products included in our wellness department. If you’re not sure what’s included in the sale, just ask a friendly staff person.

Why are we doing this sale? The new year brings a fresh opportunity for taking great care of yourself. We wanted to make it a little easier to do that by putting our entire wellness department on sale for four days this week.

Please note, the discount is limited to items in stock at time of purchase. Does not stack with case discounts or owner discounts.


Vitamins & Supplements Sale

Cold and flu season is here, so we’re having a sale to make it easier for you to stock up on wellness items! Thursday through Saturday November 8-10, save 20% on all vitamins and supplements, including probiotics, protein powders, fish oil, CBD products, homeopathic remedies, immunity boosters and more.

Everyone can shop and everyone can save!

Yes You Can!

Organic Produce Case Specials for Canning

Click here for the order form. Orders must be submitted by Thursday September 6 for pickup at the store anytime on Saturday September 8.

Savor summer throughout the year by preserving organic fruit and veggies from your co-op! We’ve got specials on cases of organic peaches, green beans, tomatoes, and pickling cukes. Simply fill it out the order form and bring it by the co-op or email your order information to our produce manager Danny at danny@astoria.coop.

Sale prices are final (no additional case discounts).


Preserving Your Organic Harvest
Pickle in the Nickel (of Time)

New Fall Coupons

The most recent issue of the Disco+ver coupon book is brimming with brands that support organic farming, fair-trade supply chains and ingredients and cooperative business models. That means your co-op purchases make a difference and help local, national and global communities thrive. Check your mailbox in early September or stop by the co-op to pick up your free copy, and save over $60 on products like Organic Valley, VitaCoco, Organic India and Cascadian Farm. You’ll be doing good, while getting great deals from companies that share co-op values.

Look for coupon books beginning in September. We try to keep individual coupons at the shelves by the products as well. Coupons are valid through October 31, 2018.


Early Summertime Savings

The May-June edition of the Co+op Deals coupon book is full of savings on products that will help you enjoy summer to its fullest! Stop by the co-op to pick up your copy today, and save big on brands like Annie’s Homegrown, Clif Bar, Vita Coco and Blue Diamond. In this coupon book, you’ll find great deals on favorite brands to help you beat the heat with a cool treat, fuel up after some fun in the sun or prepare lunches for a family picnic.

Look for coupon books beginning in May. Coupons are valid through June 30, 2017.

In the Bulk Section

More and more shoppers are being enticed into the bulk aisles of their food stores—and for good reason! Buying in bulk is great for your budget (buy just the amount you need, at the best prices) and the environment, since there’s less packaging required. With the opportunity to see and smell a product outside the package before you buy, it’s a fun way to shop too.

Start by stocking up on staples: the bulk section is full of great buys for your pantry, like beans, nuts, cereals, flours, and grains. You can take advantage of the bulk section to sample small amounts of nut butters (many stores even offer the option to grind your own), pastas, and teas and coffees before committing to a large quantity.

Whatever your recipe, herbs and spices can be bought in just the amount you need for a fraction of the price of whole jars. It makes it easy and cheap to explore new cuisines that call for small amounts of herbs and spices you don’t stock in your pantry. Also look for pet food and household and toiletry items, such as laundry detergent and soaps.

Besides being more cost-effective, buying bulk allows you to experiment with new foods. Bring home just enough quinoa for one meal, for example, or enough currants to substitute for raisins in your oatmeal one morning, and then come back for more when you know it’s a winner. No section of your co-op is more fun to browse!

If you’re new to bulk buying, don’t be shy; co-op staff will be happy to help you get started with weighing and marking your items.

What are your favorite bulk buys? Join the conversation with other shoppers by commenting below, and get more tips and advice for making the best choices in the aisles of your co-op.

BOGO Kombucha

We love Humm Kombucha for several reasons. For starters it’s made in Oregon, in the beautiful city of Bend. It is organic, GMO-free, and gluten free. Have we mentioned it’s delicious? That’s not the best part though. The best part is, it’s ALIVE! That means this refreshing drink is full of live cultures, beneficial bacteria and B vitamins.

So how could this get any better, right?! What if we gave it to you for FREE? You might think this is too good to be true! But seriously, hurry on down to your local Co-op the weekend of April 8-9 for our BOGO kombucha flash sale. Buy one Humm Kombucha (lemon-ginger or coconut-lime) and get one free until we run out.