City Approves New Site Plan

If all goes well we could possibly break ground on the new store early next year!

The city council this week approved our new site plan. Your co-op altered plans to include a new access road from 23rd Street, because neighbors were concerned about the previous plan to use a more narrow street called Steam Whistle Way.

Three Mill Pond residential property owners had appealed our project and even though the city council had sided with the co-op, we wanted to avoid another possible appeal. Further, as a community-owned store, acceptance from our future neighbors is important.

According to the Daily Astorian, “City Manager Brett Estes said it is the first time in his career he has witnessed this kind of peaceful compromise after an issue has reached the battleground of the appeals process.”

It has been a challenging land use process, so the city manager’s positive comment is especially great to hear. We hope you are as proud as everyone on our development team to be a part of a project that’s moving forward with integrity!

Now it’s a matter of finalizing plans and getting permits so we can build our new store which could be open by early 2020. Timing is in line with a goal in the co-op’s strategic plan to open much-needed bigger new store.

New Site Plan

We went back to the drawing board and have a new site plan that neighbors who had opposed the layout of our future store now support.

Our expansion has been in a months-long land use process including a recent appeal by three residential property owners surrounding the co-op site. Their concerns centered around Steam Whistle Way, the street that would be used to access our parking lot. While the Astoria City Council ruled on our side, we wanted to see if we could alter the plan to satisfy neighbors, avoiding an expensive and time-consuming prospect of an appeal to the state.

So in order to move the project forward we’ve worked with stakeholders to develop a new site plan that uses an alternate access to our parking lot off of 23rd street. The appellants support this option. With an agreement in place, we will return to city council to sign off on the plan at a meeting September 24.

Next steps would include completing engineering of the new building and permitting. We hope to be in our much-needed bigger new store possibly as early as next year!

If you have questions or feedback please contact GM Matt Stanley

Astoria Co-op Grocery submits new layout for Mill Pond store
Daily Astorian September 5, 2018

Owner Appreciation Week

It’s a great time to be a co-op owner! Owner Appreciation Week is September 16-22, 2018 and we’re trying out a new discount structure that allows co-op owners to save up to 20% on a shopping trip.

Here’s what the new discount structure includes:

  • 10% off on purchases under $100
  • 15% off on purchases of $100 or more
  • 20% off on purchases of $150 or more

Please note: equity payments must be up-to-date to receive the discount. Discount applies to items in stock and does not stack with case discounts.

Not a co-op owner? No problem. You’re always welcome to shop! If you’d like to learn more about how you can sign up and save during owner appreciation week and the good that comes from being an owner of our consumer-owned cooperative, click here to learn more about co-op ownership.

See the food and drink sampling schedule.

Yes You Can!

Organic Produce Case Specials for Canning

Click here for the order form. Orders must be submitted by Thursday September 6 for pickup at the store anytime on Saturday September 8.

Savor summer throughout the year by preserving organic fruit and veggies from your co-op! We’ve got specials on cases of organic peaches, green beans, tomatoes, and pickling cukes. Simply fill it out the order form and bring it by the co-op or email your order information to our produce manager Danny at

Sale prices are final (no additional case discounts).


Preserving Your Organic Harvest
Pickle in the Nickel (of Time)

Annual Meeting 2018

Our annual meeting for co-op owners is happening on Sunday September 30 at 5-7 p.m. at the Loft at the Red Building (20 Basin St.) in Astoria.

There will be dinner by Chef Andrew Catalano, music by the Brownsmead Flats, an annual report and election including new Board members and proposed updates to our bylaws. No need to RSVP this year.

Bylaws Change Proposal

It is considered best practice in cooperative governance to review and amend bylaws from time-to-time to ensure they continue to meet legal requirements, reflect best practices, and serve the best interest of the co-op. We’ll be asking you to vote at the annual meeting to adopt these new bylaws. Here’s the information you need:

Bylaws Change Memo
Proposed Bylaws of Astoria Co+op 2018
Redline Changes to Astoria Co+op Bylaws (see the proposed edits)

Board Election

The Board candidates up for election/re-election are: Norma Hernandez, Angela Sidlo, and Emily Geddes. You can read there bios by clicking here.

If you have questions, please contact our general manager, Matt Stanley at We look forward to seeing you at the annual meeting!

New Fall Coupons

The most recent issue of the Disco+ver coupon book is brimming with brands that support organic farming, fair-trade supply chains and ingredients and cooperative business models. That means your co-op purchases make a difference and help local, national and global communities thrive. Check your mailbox in early September or stop by the co-op to pick up your free copy, and save over $60 on products like Organic Valley, VitaCoco, Organic India and Cascadian Farm. You’ll be doing good, while getting great deals from companies that share co-op values.

Look for coupon books beginning in September. We try to keep individual coupons at the shelves by the products as well. Coupons are valid through October 31, 2018.


Co-op deli salad dressing recipes revealed!

Having a batch of good homemade dressing on hand can be just the ticket to convenience when it comes to whipping up a salad for lunch, dinner, or even breakfast! Our deli gets a lot of requests for our popular salad dressing recipes. We aim to promote health and wellness and these simple dressings make healthy food extra delicious. They work for salads, wraps, and dips for veggies. We hope our recipes will help increase your consumption of healthy salads!

Balsamic Vinaigrette
Prep time: 10 min

2   cloves garlic
½   teaspoon salt
½   teaspoon pepper
¼   cup balsamic vinegar
½   cup sunflower oil

Peel garlic and put the cloves in a blender.  Add seasoning and blend until the garlic is all diced up. Pour oil and vinegar into blender and blend until it’s the consistency of mayonnaise (about 30 seconds). Store in a glass jar with a lid in your refrigerator for about a week. Shake it up if it separates.

Lemon-Cumin Dressing
Prep time: 10 min

1   clove garlic
1   teaspoons cumin
½  teaspoon salt
½  teaspoon pepper
1/3  cup lemon juice
½  cup sunflower oil

Peel garlic and put the cloves in a blender.  Add seasoning and blend until the garlic is all diced up. Pour oil and vinegar into blender and blend until it’s the consistency of mayonnaise (about 30 seconds). Store in a glass jar with a lid in your refrigerator for about a week. Shake it up if it separates.

Appeal Denied

Following a grueling three-hour city council meeting, a tentative ruling came in our favor. Astoria City Councilors voted to uphold the city design review committee’s approval of our project, and reject three Mill Pond resident’s appeal.

The crux of the controversy is over plans to access our new store off of a street called Steam Whistle Way. Unfortunately the co-op has not been able to find another configuration that would meet all government standards while providing the amenities that we need to operate a grocery store, including a dedicated receiving area and plenty of parking. We have attempted to go above and beyond to address the neighbor’s concerns, including widening a portion of Steam Whistle Way.

The city council will make a final vote on the appeal at a future meeting. We are hopeful and working diligently to bring our much-needed expansion to fruition and will keep you up-to-date as this complicated process progresses.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our general manager, Matt Stanley at

Read more about the meeting in the Daily Astorian article.

Appeal Meeting FAQ

What is the plan for Astoria Co+op’s new store? 

The co-op plans to build an 11,580 square foot building at the corner of 23rd and Marine Drive in Astoria. It will hold about 7,000 square feet of retail space that offers a full line of fresh foods – think full-service deli, an expansive organic produce section, local meat and seafood, and more. We hope to begin construction by the end of 2018 and open in 2019.  

What is happening on July 30th?

Astoria City Council is having a hearing to listen to some neighbors’ concerns regarding traffic behind their homes. We definitely want our co-op to be a positive impact on that neighborhood and we are optimistic that we can adequately address reasonable concerns.

Is the Mill Pond Home Owner’s Association (HOA) as a body appealing the co-op’s design? 

No. The appeal was filed by three individual property homeowners.

Why are attorneys involved? 

One of the individuals who owns a vacant lot next to the future new co-op has hired an attorney to present their appeal. The co-op’s developer partner thus felt obligated to retain representation to be sure we clearly demonstrate that our design meets the City’s criteria to the best possible standard.

How much will this delay our process?

Hopefully not too much. We have done our due diligence, we know this store will bring a lot of good to our community, and we appreciate everyone’s continued support!

How can I help?

Please attend the hearing at Astoria City Hall July 30th at 6 p.m. We need to show the City Council that we have huge community support and that our shoppers are ready to shop their new store without further delay.

I have more questions, who can I reach out to? 

If you have further questions please reach out to the co-op’s General Manager, Matt Stanley. He can be reached at

Fresh New Look

By Zetty Nemlowill/Marketing Director

In our last newsletter I told you we’d be freshening up the co-op’s look and now… it’s official (see our new logo below)! We’re making this change now so that we will be ready to start designing our new store. We’re still the same co-op you know and love; we’re just getting better at sharing our story.

To survive and thrive, especially in a larger, more visible store, we need everyone to understand what makes Astoria Co+op different and why they might want to shop here. A logo and tag line can help represent this visually.

You’ll notice the subtle name change of “Astoria Co+op” instead of “Astoria Co-op Grocery.” The shorter name looks great, is very friendly and can be paired with our tagline (good. local. food.) It is simple and easy to understand at a glance.

The plus sign aligns our brand with the Co+op, stronger together brand and highlights our cooperative ownership. This allows us to fully utilize the resources available through our membership with National Co+op Grocers—Co+op Deals flyers, coupons, bags, coffee cups, and signs—while maintaining a cohesive visual identity with materials produced in-house.

Astoria Artist Roger McKay paints the new logo on our outside wall.

I believe this change will result in an increase in efficiency, allowing us to mature into an even more competitive business, lowering operating costs while still treating our employees well.

While a new logo is an important symbol, it is our amazing staff, dedicated owners and shoppers, local farmers, delicious food, and being 100% community-owned that makes our co-op truly unique and special. Thank you for your continued support!