Building Permits

We are excited to announce that building permits and external financing for the project have been secured and construction is set to begin early in the new year. Our delays this year associated with land use issues have coincided with increased costs in the construction industry. We’ve created a financial plan that accommodates for these increases and we are excited to build you what is sure to be one of the neatest food co-ops on the west coast. Stay tuned for details on groundbreaking festivities and a timeline for opening our new store!

3 thoughts on “Building Permits

  1. Very excited to hear you planning is finally going to pay off for all of the people in the Astoria area that want to eat fresh local organic food. Smart decision to include potential price increases due to increased costs to build! Having a real deli and place to eat is a real positive addition to our COOP. Congratulations!

  2. Yeah that you are getting close to breaking ground. Perseverance and your mission to provide many local and all organic produce is outstanding for Clatsop County and across the Columbia River too. Yeah also forthe delicatessen to sit down and enjoy hit or cold food with other members of our community. I bet that you will get ew. E bees that way! Sincerely, Jeanie McLaughlin

  3. Excuse my lack of editing. I meant “ enjoy hot or cold… Also I meant to write “I bet that you will get new members that way.”

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