Owner Investment Campaign

We’re up to $875,000, well more than half-way to raising enough owner investments to build a bigger store! Help us reach our goal of $1,500,000 by the end of October.

For more information about investing, contact: Matt Stanley/Co-op GM & Investment Campaign Coordinator matt@astoria.coop  503-791-5692 or stop by the store and request an investment packet which provides more detail.

Our co-op is counting on its owners to invest so we can build a new store! Owners can invest through our owner investment campaign “Together we Grow” via preferred shares. You will receive a respectable return and the satisfaction of knowing your investment resonates with your values. Your participation in financing the new store has potential to increase quality of life for yourself and our entire community.

Invest between $2500 and $9900 and receive a 3% dividend. Invest $10,000 or more for a 4% dividend. The expansion will cost more than $3.5 million with at least $1.5 million needed from Co-op owners. We’d love to sell all our shares at $2.5 million so we can keep more money local the rely less on outside lenders.

“I invested about 10 years ago and I plan to take the opportunity of jumping into this and being an investor. This is an opportunity of hope and prosperity that will make a difference in ways you can taste touch feel and be a part of.”  –Mary Blake/Co-op Owner

“I am investing. Supporting the co-op any way I can is a beautiful thing. I am a market manager for US Bank. This is a wise investment. Investing in this store is investing in the future of our community.”   –Todd Holm/Co-op Owner & Board Member

Investment Brochure
Expansion Updates

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