Owner Investment Campaign

We reached our $1.5 million goal which will keep expansion on schedule. Thanks to everyone who invested and cheered us on.

Our co-op is relying on owner investments to build a bigger store. We reached our goal, but still have shares available. Investors receive a respectable return and the satisfaction of knowing their money has potential to increase the quality of life for our entire community.

Invest between $2500 and $9900 and receive a 3% dividend. Invest $10,000 or more for a 4% dividend. The expansion will cost more than $3.5 million with at least $1.5 million needed from Co-op owners. We’d love to sell all our shares at $2.5 million so we can keep more money local the rely less on outside lenders.

For more information contact our general manager, Matt Stanley, at (503) 791-5692 or matt@astoria.coop.

Investment Brochure
Expansion Updates

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