Board Members

allie headshot_240Allie Evans, President

My name is Allie Evans. I grew up in New England and have lived on the Oregon Coast for the past 9 years. I have a daughter, Maya, and son, Orrick. I am a Naturopathic Physician and know firsthand the effect that food has on our overall health. The more we consciously choose what to put into our bodies, the better we feel which means better interactions with others, rippling out to spread the vitality and joy to the entire community. For me, the Co-op represents this intersection of community and food. When we shop here we know that our dollar is benefiting not only our health but our environment, the person who produced the food, as well as our local economy. It is for this reason that I am honored to serve on the Board. We are so blessed to be able to simultaneously build our health as well as that of the planet and our community. I love the sense of community we have as we fill our baskets here, seeing familiar faces, exchanging recipes, getting excited about new produce. I am thrilled to be a part of ensuring that the Co-op maintains its health and vitality.


Norma Hernandez, Vice President

I was born and raised in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico and prior to moving to Astoria in 2003, I lived in the northeast for 20 years, both in New York and Boston. I moved to Astoria to work at an oyster company in Bay Center, WA. where I became aware of the needs and challenges of the Latino community in the region. My passion for social justice kept increasing after working as executive director of Lower Columbia Hispanic Council and then working for the Clatsop County Public Health, currently as a WIC coordinator.  I also serve on the board of North Coast Food Web, and Astoria Parks.  You can listen to me on  Sonidos Latinos on KMUN 91.9 FM, monthly.



I am originally from Vancouver WA. In 2002, one of our students strongly encouraged us  to explore Sunset Beach for our business of paragliding instruction. We immediately fell in love with the location and ended up moving ourselves and our business to Warrenton in 2003. My wife Maren (who works part time at the Co-op) and I are passionate about the outdoors, and are avid paraglider pilots and instructors. After that, while I prefer to be outdoors enjoying various activities in all types of weather, I do have a lot of office and computer work related to our business. Maren and I are as passionate about quality food as we are about flying. Over the years of living here, we have come to rely on the Co-op as our primary food source. We have become so accustomed to (spoiled by) the high quality of food available.


Angela Sidlo, Secretary

I have called Clatsop County my home for the past 27 years.

Growing up in rural Nebraska, my Grandfather owned a small grocery store. Coming into the Co-op gives me that same feeling, knowing everyone by name and knowing that you are supporting a local community.

I feel honored to be a board member and supporter of the growth of the Co-op. As a Holistic Practitioner and Health Coach in the community,  the Co-op is in alignment with my values and belief that healthy individuals create healthy communities.  The Co-op is a great place to start!


Andrea  Larson Perez

I am a native Floridian. I moved to Sacramento, California after high school and made my forever move to the Lower Columbia in 1994. First residing in Ilwaco, WA and then in Astoria beginning 1998.

My career was spent in public relations, marketing and sales primarily in the publishing industry, but also included healthcare and some local business representation. After writing for others for years, I decided to move into that arena for myself. I have one book published and am beginning work on a second. Other than the long list of writing projects I will be working on over the next twenty years, I devote my time to my family, travel and other artistic endeavors.

I have worked part-time at the Co-op for nearly 3 years. I have enjoyed every single minute of that experience, but other demands on my time have led me to seek a transition in my role at the Co-op. I want to maintain my involvement in this wonderful organization that I believe in so deeply!

Due to my up close and personal experience being a staff member at the Co-op, I would say that this place ROCKS! It’s an exciting time to be a contributing member of the team. I hope to continue to be a positive and supportive voice in the future of the Co-op. We have exciting growth plans and I believe my experience and skill set have much to offer in helping the organization reach it’s goals.


ToddTodd Holm

My partner Lyuba and I moved to Astoria in 2008 when I accepted a regional position with US Bank. Before that I lived in Vancouver, Washington for pretty much my entire life. We enjoy fishing, crabbing clamming and foraging for mushrooms.

I discovered our Co-op within days of being here and I joined the instant I was offered membership. We enjoy the best produce in Clatsop County, great organic products and the “full circle” mentality that our Co-op supports. I cover the Oregon Coast and travel quite a bit within the northwest corner of our state and have been to several other Co-ops and I must say that what we have here is very special indeed. The staff is phenomenal and it makes for great shopping every time I go there.

I was thrilled when I was asked if I was interested in being a board member and I am looking forward to helping our store grow and continue to flourish as we move towards getting a larger facility.


DanDan Reef
I was born and raised in Astoria. I recently completed a career in commercial construction and now work for the City of Astoria’s public works department as Senior Building Facility Technician, handling the maintenance of the city’s buildings, pump stations and assisting in the mechanics of water quality.

In 2002 my wife self-educated herself on healthy eating. I came home and all of our food was on the counter and I wondered what was up with that. Everything was being changed out for organic food in our house. We became members of the Co-op and have been enjoying healthy organic eating. I noticed big improvements to my health, including losing 25 pounds in the first few months of eating strictly organic.

It’s been very interesting; not only on my end providing some construction
experience, but it’s been an eye-opener seeing how the grocery business runs. I’m excited to be a board member and am looking forward to our expansion.


Chris Fontilla, Staff Representative

I’m new to the board, the Co-op, and to town. I grew up in Rancho Cucamonga, California, a former wine town 50 miles inland from Los Angeles. I recently moved from Oakland California where I worked at a gourmet/ specialty food store that has been operating since 1902. I took great pride in working for a store that stood the test of time and continues to stand-up to new big name competition.

I have a rich background in retail and customer service including merchandising, ordering, stocking, and overall product knowledge whenever possible. A great deal of my experience deals with beer, wine, spirits, and specialty foods (including chocolates). I really enjoy working in grocery, and I’m always on the look-out for anything craft, local, or anything on the cutting edge.

I also have a background in photography / art which I utilize as often as possible. For example, I shot the cover for the Co-op’s Spring 2017 newsletter.

I am currently working in the Co-op deli, making sandwiches, salads and helping with cheese. I find that customers really appreciate having high quality goods available with a staff to match. I feel that we have that in spades at the Co-op! I am looking forward to working with the board for our expansion plans, and look forward to helping the Co-op continue to thrive.